Low(ish) Carb pumpkin tart

When I bake, I often just randomly throw things together and hope for the best. Most of the time it works out but sometimes it`s a colossal failure. This pumpkin tart was an overwhelming success. I am allergic to ginger so I can eat store bought pumpkin pie. I am also wheat as it tends to aggravate my already touchy digestive system. Along with those dietary concerns, my dinner companion is avoiding carbs on an even more strict level than I do , so I wanted to make a tart that he`d eat as well. Taking all of those limitations into considerations, I came up with this recipe, which I`m sharing because I think it`s worth it.

-1½  scoops of medium shredded unsweetened coconut from the bulk bins at Superstore (about 2 cups)
-All the dates lurking in the back of my fridge from before I went away (about ⅔ of a 10oz container or about 24 medium dates). They were shriveled and dry, even for dates, so I added a little hot water to revive them.
-1 egg
-½ - 1oz. of something boozy and delicious. I used a maple whisky that my dad gave me a while ago. It`s not great to drink but it`s delicious in baked goods. I`m sure you could simply use a tsp of vanilla if you didn’t want to use booze (but why wouldn’t you?)
-enough additional water to make a mealy paste texture

Combine soaked dates and coconut in food processor and chop until crumbly. Add egg and mix, add booze and additional liquid until it forms a crumbly paste-like texture that sticks together.

Line the bottom and sides of  8” spring-form pan separately with parchment (I wasn’t sure if this crust was going to hold up on its own, or if it was going to fuse to the pan completely and I wanted to make sure that it was going to come out of the pan. I did hold together quite well, and I think simply spraying the pan might be sufficient, but I would line it again in the future just to be sure), and press crust into even layer across bottom and up sides of pan.

Bake at 350°F for 20-25 minutes until lightly golden brown and slightly firm to the touch.


-1 large can of pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling!)
-3 large eggs
-½ can Carnation evaporated mile (or you could probably use ½ heavy cream)
-3 big spoonfuls of raw honey (I only use Sweet Pure Honey, you should too. It’s delicious. I don’t typically like honey, but I love this honey!) You could probably add more if you like your pie on the sweeter side. This one was mildly sweet but not overly so.
-2-3 shakes of allspice from a jar with small holes
-2-3 sprinkles of nutmeg from a jar with large holes
-the rest of the cinnamon in my spice jar (probably about 1 tsp)
           -if you’re not comfortable with with winging the spice levels maybe consult the amounts from your previous favourite pumpkin pie recipe for guidance)
-a little salt (¼ tsp?)
-I didn’t add vanilla this time, but if I were going to do this again I would probably add a splash of really good vanilla extract into the mix.

Puree all ingredients together well in food processor or mix with hand beaters until smooth and fluffy.
Pour into pre-baked shell and level off.
Bake at 350°F for 60-80 minutes until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Cool and serve with whip cream sweetened with a TBSP of maple syrup.

Truly Love Ridden | Susan Knight

To say that 2014 has been an emotional roller coaster so far, is a gross understatement. During the early part of the year I found myself struggling through a toxic mix of emotions I wasn’t sure I would be able to surface from, but as things slowly started to get better, I started to do what many artists before me have done, and put those powerful emotions to good use and use them to drive my work forward. It seemed like the perfect time to tackle on of the artists that has been on my "In the style of…" artistslist since near the project’s inception: Oleg Dou. I’ve often found similarities between myself and Oleg Dou, both within his personal philosophy regarding his work:

“I am looking for something bordering between the beautiful and the repulsive, living and dead…” (x)

and the process used in attaining that work:

"Some people call me a photographer. It’s not true. I’m an artist who uses photography as a medium for my works” (x)

It is these similarities which have prevented me from taking on his work up to this point. I felt doing a self portrait reflective of his tears series was a good way to channel the tumultuous start I had to the year into paying homage to an artist I hold great respect for. Showing this piece as part of my final group exhibition as an artist at The Hive Artists’ Hub has been, in itself bittersweet for me. I will miss my dear friends that I’ve made in my 3 1/2 year journey as part of the hive family, but know that the connections I have made there will always be part of my life.

Love Ridden: ITSO Oleg Dou Love Ridden: In the Style of Oleg Dou, 2014

As part of the same exhibition, I decided to do a tribute photo to another personal hero. This one from my childhood. What better way to lighten the mood and soothe tattered emotions than to assume an alter ego? Plus, I have the hair, so dressing up as Jem was a given, really. JemTruly Truly Truly, 2014

A sneak peek of the latest piece in my “In the Style of…” series which I will be showing as part of the group exhibition at @hivehub which opens on May 2nd as part of the Roving Art Reception. This will be my last exhibition as an artist at the Hive, so make sure to come by and say hello if you can.

May 2nd Roving Art Reception

When the invite for next Friday’s Downtown Art Walk’s Roving Art Reception went to the printers, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to take part, but despite my name not being on the invite, I will be part of the group exhibition at The Hive Artists’ Hub. Sadly, this will be my last exhibition as a studio artist at the hive. After three and a half years there in different roles during its varied incarnations, I am at a period of transition in my life and have, at least for the time being, given up my studio there. It’s a bittersweet change, in a year that has already proven to be a big transition for me, but I look forward to what the future holds. To celebrate, I’ve got, not one, but two new pieces to share.

So, to all of you that have come out to support the Art Walk during my time there, or those of you who have wanted to but haven’t had the chance, come out on May 2, 2014 and say hello/goodbye.

The main piece I’ll be showing, is the latest in the “In the Style of…” series. 2014 has been an emotional roller coaster for me so far, and taking on this emotionally charge piece has been quite cathartic.

The second piece is a bit of fun to make up for the heavy emotions of the first. Part of my Persona series, it will bring you back a few decades and perhaps pass on an earworm.

Tonight! Be there #MedHat

I was out most of the day and came home to find a very sad little dog solidly wedged into the sleeve of my hoodie. The hoodie was on the couch across the room when u left the house which means she fell off the couch and managed to get across the floor before stopping here. She was very happy to see me, and showed her appreciation for being set free by giving me ALL the kisses. #mybestgirl #miniaturepinscher #minpin #dogstagram

O! Krimis tree

In the Style of…Francesco Clemente, 2013

A preview of the latest piece in my #InTheStyleOf series. Still not terribly evident from this preview who the artist I am emulating is but let me know if you have any guesses. Come down to the hive tomorrow night to see the full piece. @hivehub

In the Style of… starts with a survey of a portrait artist’s over all style. I boil that style down into a summarized version and create a self portrait based on it. I have been fortunate enough to have been working on this project as part of an artistic residency program at The Hive Artists’ Hub, and have completed 21 portraits in the series so far. I intended to examine famous historic portrait painters as well as contemporary artists primarily working in paint mediums.

In the Style of … Vincent Van Gogh, 2010
Over the course of 3 years, Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) produced 30 self-portraits and mastered a very distinct style. This made him a natural choice for the series. This piece was one of the more challenging pieces as the process turned into one of digital painting.

In de stijl van Vermeer, 2010
In doing the research for this piece, which was one of the earliest pieces in the series, it was Johannes Vermeer’s (1632-1675) unique use of light and shadow that I found most interesting. I wanted to play with that idea in paying my version of the Dutch master’s style.

In the Style of …  Amedeo Modigliani, 2010
Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) has always been one of my very favourite artists. He accomplished great things in a very short life. I have completed art projects based on Modigliani’s work in both high school and college, and it seemed only fitting to include in my “In the Style of…” series.

In the Style of …  Merle Pace, 2009
Photography, printmaking, handmade dolls, and jewelry are just some of the media Merle Pace uses in creating her magical art pieces. Despite never having met face to face, the Indiana artist has been an inspiration and a friend for several years now. I created this piece for Merle to cheer her up when she was going through a tough time in her life. For more about Merle, visit her website.

In the Style of … Edward Hopper, 2012
A bit of a departure from the typical “portrait” the rest of the series involves. It was created for a group show that opened at The Hive Artists’ Hub on Friday September 28, 2012 entitled Let’s Do It Downtown. This is intended to be the first piece of a mini series with in the over all series, which will be all be in the style of Edward Hopper, and be set in various locations around Medicine Hat.

In the Style of … Egon Schiele, 2012
Austrian expressionist Egon Schiele‘s (1890-1918) work is often described in harsh terms: grotesque, erotic, pornographic, disturbing, focusing on sex, death, and discovery… somewhat unsavoury for someone who’s contemporaries considered him to be the successor to Gustav Klimt (under who he studied). His paintings and drawing, nearly all of them portraits, and many of them self portraits, are noted for the use of twisted body posturing. Much of his work is erotic in nature and it is said he may have made some of his income as an artist for the pornography industry.

The series could go on for quite some time given the number of artists that have made it onto my list. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in a comment.

For @knight_m because she couldn’t be here. #CHUCKWAGON #ElliottBROOD #ThirdStreetEffort (at Royal Canadian Legion 17)

One of six little treats that came back with me from #Pops on #route66 in #Arcadia #Oklahoma #AJStepans #WildStrawberry #soda #pop (at Milicent)

#waffles: part of a road trip’s complete breakfast. I’m actually kind of tired of waffles right now. #KnightSistersRoadTrip2013

Epic road trip day 14 (part 2): #Alberta. Homeward bound. #KnightSistersRoadTrip2013 (at Alberta)